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Inspiring Shopify stories and practical advice to help you be productive and think critically about your business.
The Power of Shopify Store Languages and Native Translation Apps
Everything you need to know about running a multilingual Shopify store and supported translation apps. Our translation app - Translation Lab - is in the spotlight.
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E-commerce Trend 2: Long-term Customer Relationships Take Center Stage
Learn how to nurture valuable relationships with your customers by following several simple steps: use Shopify’s multi-language feature, create a consistent end-to-end shopping experience, offer on-demand customer service, leverage content, and design a stellar post-purchase experience with Shopify Shop.
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E-commerce Trend 1: The Rise of Omnichannel Retail and Multi-channel Experiences
What is omnichannel commerce, and how can you make the most of it with Shopify POS?
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5 Trends That Will Shape E-commerce in 2023, and Beyond
Learn how to navigate the challenges merchants currently face and set yourself for success in 2023, and the years to come! A 9,300+ words content hub, packed with value and Shopify-specific insight.
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