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E-commerce Trend 5: The Rise of Mobile Shopping
9 ways to deliver a stellar mobile shopping experience and jump on the m-commerce trend!
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E-commerce Trend 4: The Rise of Social Commerce
Jump on the social commerce trend! Learn how to leverage Instagram, Facebook Commerce features, and TikTok! The best news? Shopify will make it all a breeze!
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E-commerce Trend 3: Brand Identity Becomes Paramount
Get inspired to put your brand in the spotlight! Learn how to personalize your online presence and effectively communicate your brand values, mission, and sustainability efforts.
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E-commerce Trend 2: Long-term Customer Relationships Take Center Stage
Learn how to nurture valuable relationships with your customers by following several simple steps: use Shopify’s multi-language feature, create a consistent end-to-end shopping experience, offer on-demand customer service, leverage content, and design a stellar post-purchase experience with Shopify Shop.
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