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Inspiring Shopify stories and practical advice to help you be productive and think critically about your business.
The Expert’s Guide To Shopify SEO
Walk the steeper SEO trails - from structured data and link building to paid advertising, search intent, and page experience.
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15+ Timeless Ways to Deliver a Stellar Page Experience on Shopify
The ultimate 15-step guide to providing an outstanding page experience + 4 advanced practices, 20 useful tools and Shopify apps, and 25 inspiring examples.
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Google's 2020 Core Updates: The Ultimate No-nonsense Guide For Shopify
Take a closer look at the impact of the January 2020 Core Update, the May 2020 Core Update, and the December 2020 Core Update. Learn what you can do to recover, along with helpful examples.
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Optimizing Your Store For Search Intent: The Shopify Store Owner’s Playbook
Informational. Commercial. Navigational. Transactional. Learn how to optimize your Shopify store for each type of search intent.
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