Shopify App Coding Task

The purpose of this task is to setup a simple dashboard using .NET Core, MS SQL Server and React Material UI.

The dashboard will consist of a single homepage. The page will contain a single grid/table which will list the products in a given store, 10 per page. Server side pagination should be implemented.

Once a page of 10 products is retrieved from the store the products should be saved in MS SQL Server which will server as a cache. Subsequent requests for the same page of products should be served from the MS SQL Server database and not from Shopify.

What you need to implement this project:

1. The store url:

2. An access token for the Shopify API for this particular store:

will be supplied separately

3. Postman:

4. A basic knowledge of GraphQL and the Shopify Product API:

5. Material UI:


A few important notes:

- you do not need any knowledge related to Shopify app development so please do not go into the documentation there because you are going to spend a huge amount of time.


- use Postman to test your queries before implementing them in .NET. Here is an example video:


- you need to work with the GraphQL pagination to fetch the products 10 at a time:


- you need to take into account the GraphQL rate limit and implement the calling logic accordingly:


The solution of the taks should be submitted as a link to a Github repository.

If you have any questions please feel free to email us at: [email protected].