Translation Lab FAQs

Translation Lab FAQs

1. When clicking on the logo, breadcrumb, cart, or checkout buttons, I am redirected to the default language?

Shopify released its native multi-language support or the so-called store languages back in December 2019. Note: Translation Lab provides only the admin UI to manage the store languages.

To load your store in a different language, you need to load the language-specific URL or the so-called locale URL. For example:

Although most themes for Shopify have already been updated to support the store languages as described here, you might be using an old version of your theme.

Themes that have not been updated use relative URLs in their HTML like /cart, /checkout, etc. These relative URLs need to be replaced with the new routes object as described here.

If your theme does not support the store languages and does not make use of the routes liquid object, please contact your theme developers for an update.


2. My checkout is not translated?

Please see the answer to the above question. 


3. The titles of my recommended or related products sections are not translated?

Please see the answer provided to question #1.


4. How to translate the home page of my store?

As every theme is different, the translatable resources provided by Shopify multi-language support might be situated in different places.

Check at Content Translation → Translation Of drop-down menu → Theme for the homepage translations or any theme-specific translations.


5. What to do when some translations are missing?

Sometimes, you might not be able to find the resources you want to translate. Usually, these resources are part of your theme. To be able to find these resources, you need to understand how the Shopify store languages feature works with your theme. Note: Translation Lab provides only the admin UI to manage the store languages.

Shopify will go through your theme and pickup every string which is present in your current locale .json file and make it available for translation.

What they also do is find all section settings in the settings_schema.json or in the section liquid files and also make them available for translation. It is important to note that only settings of type text will be available for translation. These settings are usually section titles, subtitles, etc.

So if you are not able to find a particular resource for translation, do look on the Translations → Theme → Sections page in Translation Lab.


6. I added the language switcher to my theme, but it is not showing, or it is showing, but it does not look good?

If your language switcher is not showing, it might be because you have only one published language.

Because every theme is different, the language switcher needs a bit of CSS work to make it look native to the current theme. We are gradually adding default styling for the most popular Shopify themes. If you are not happy with how the language switcher looks on your theme, it could be that we have not yet added your theme to the default styles. In that case, contact us for support.

Please note that if you are using a custom theme or a heavily customized version, the language switcher will also have to be customized, which we can do for you but will charge you a small fee.


7. I wish to have flags in the language switcher? How do I achieve this?

The language switcher does not currently support flags. Please contact us for support. If you're on the Pro plan, you won't be charged. If you're using the free version of Translation Lab, we will charge you a small fee to customize the language switcher.


8. Can I translate everything automatically?

Translation Lab's Pro subscription plan provides you with an option to translate your store automatically.

Our automatic translation uses the Google Translate API with its neural networks AI. This means that your conversions will be as accurate as they can be when done by a smart machine.


9. Will the automatic translation work with HTML?

Yes! If you are translating text, which also contains HTML code (product descriptions, for example), the HTML code will be retained, but the actual text will be translated.

With the Pro package, you can translate up to 250,000 characters using this option.


10. Does the app provide the option to automatically detect locale?

We are currently adding this feature to the app. In the meantime, please use one of the solutions on this page.


11. How to translate the email templates?

This is a known issue in Shopify, but luckily there is a workaround. Please see: Selling in multiple languages

For a notification template to appear under Translation Of → Email Templates in our app, the default message has to be modified. Just add whitespace somewhere in the template and save it. That's it.


12. How to change the text of the language switcher drop-down?

You have a few options on what text to display in the language switcher. You will have to edit the translation-lab-language-switcher.liquid file in the Snippets folder.

You are looking for the following code:

option.text = lang.iso_code;

This will show the ISO code of the given language - EN for English, DE for Deutch, RU for Russian.

option.text =;

This will show the full name of each language in the drop-down translated to the current language - English, Deutch, Russian if your current language is English.

option.text = lang.endonym_name;

This will show the full name of each language in the drop-down translated to the corresponding language - English, Deutsch, Русский (doesn't depend on, which is your current language).


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  • Radostina @ Sherpas Design

    Hello, Asim Syed!
    Please, contact our support – they’ll have a look at your store and fix the issue!
    Radostina @ Sherpas Design

  • Asim Syed

    Hi There we have a top bar message on our website which previously used to say free shipping over $120 and Translation lab translated that into french but now we have changed the threshold from 120 to 50 but when go to make this change Translation lab still detects the fold free shipping message can you please look into this.

  • Radostina @ Sherpas Design

    Hello, Mehdi!
    Please, submit a ticket – someone from our support team will have a look at your store and fix the issue!
    Radostina @ Sherpas Design

  • Mehdi


    The language selector does not work.

    If I use custom location, it shows only German, but non of the other 4 languages.

    But I prefer Header integrations. This does not show it at all.

    The problem is weird. In the admin area in the them configurator, it shows the selectors both ways. But in the actual online shop it does not show the header selector at all. And when I select custom location, it shows only German….

  • Radostina @ Sherpas Design

    Hello, Alex!
    I believe you’ve already contacted our support team – they’ll take care of your issue :)
    Radostina @ Sherpas Design

  • Alex

    Hi, I recently translated my shopify to catalan. I need to change the switcher that show “catalan” for “valencià” because is the way we name catalan in valencia. Is that posible?

  • Radostina @ Sherpas Design

    Hello, Pierre-Inès!
    Please, contact our support team! They’ll help you delete the app.
    Radostina @ Sherpas Design

  • Pierre-Inès

    Hello, I need help, please. How do I withdraw all the app integration in my shopify theme before deleting the app?

  • Radostina @ Sherpas Design

    Hello, Tariq!
    Please, submit a ticket, so that someone from our support team can have a look at your store!
    Radostina @ Sherpas Design

  • tariq hassen

    Hi there, why does the language translation not work with the mobile version of the shopify store created?is this only for desktop? Or maybe I am not integrating correctly.
    thanks for your help

  • Radostina @ Sherpas Design

    Hello, Shuana!
    If you choose the Pro plan, Translation Lab costs $9.99/month. See pricing options:
    Radostina @ Sherpas Design

  • Shuana

    Is the price a one time fee $9.99 or monthly re-accruing fee. Thanks.

  • Radostina @ Sherpas Design

    Hello, Tamer!
    Plase, submit a ticket, so that someone from our support team can have a look at your store and fix the issue!
    Radostina @ Sherpas Design

  • Tamer Aly

    Hi there I have deleted your app but still, there some codes issue affect my website and my SEO what shall I do to eliminate all these please help me to do it

  • Radostina @ Sherpas Design

    Hello, Benedicte!
    Plase, submit a ticket, so that someone from our support team can have a look at your store!
    Radostina @ Sherpas Design

  • Benedicte Lavoie

    I’m using the Prestige theme and some part won’t translate… My upper banner and the lower part of my home page.

  • Radostina @ Sherpas Design

    Hello, Mario!
    “Except for Basic Shopify, each plan gives you the option to sell in multiple languages. If you’re a Shopify merchant, then you can translate up to two languages. If you’re an Advanced Shopify merchant, then you can translate up to five languages. If you’re a Shopify Plus merchant, then you can translate your store into 20 languages.” Learn more here:
    Radostina @ Sherpas Design

  • Mario


    I’m about to sign up for Shopify and trying to figure out which plan is the best for my needs.
    Can I have a multilingual store (4 languages) with any Shopify plan?
    Thank you for your answer!

  • Rike

    Hey Radostina!

    Thanks a lot :)


  • Radostina @ Sherpas Design

    Hello, Rike!
    You can enable the Custom Position Language Switcher from the dropdown. After that you can customize it in your Theme Editor. The path is Online Store > Customize > Theme Settings > Translation Lab. If you find any difficulties please reach to our support team!
    Radostina @ Sherpas Design

  • Rike

    Hi! We are using the theme “Launch” and would like to add the language switch to the header. However, this does not seem to work. Could you help us with that? Thanks!

  • Radostina @ Sherpas Design

    Hello, Eduard!
    Because every theme is different, your homepage text can be located in different theme locale strings or theme sections. Please, go to the Translations page and select Theme from the dropdown. As each theme has a big number of theme-specific resources, you can use the search field there to look for the resource with a given text. Also, you should have a Section or Sections sub-tab where the various section resources can be located. Let me know if you manage to find it!
    Radostina @ Sherpas Design

  • Eduard


    I cannot find where to translate the text written on the slides and stuff such as “Featured collection” and so on. Where can I find to translated these! I searched every inch of the translation lab options but I did not found these!

    Thank you!

  • Radostina @ Sherpas Design

    Hello, Thomas!
    Can you, please, submit a ticket, so that someone from our support team can have a look at your store?
    Radostina @ Sherpas Design

  • Thomas

    Hi there, great app, just one problem : how to change the order of my menus because it’s not the same in french and in english…